Visa Procedure


Procedure for Manpower Employment Services

The Government has laid down certain rules under immigration Act 1979 for manpower recruitment on behalf of Overseas Employments. We would require the following documents to proceed with.

Document Description

  • Ammar Tehsil (VISA SLIP)

  • Wakala through local recruiting agency of Saudi Arabia, attested by VAZARAT-E-KHARJHEEA.

  • sPONSOR'S id card

  • Ruksa Fathe Mahal of the rectruiting office in KSA

  • Sajal Tijari.

On receipt of these documents, R.S. International obtains permission from the protector office, and then places advertisement in newspapers to find the most suitable candidates.

The resume are sorted out by our experts. If the employer prefers to interview the candidates through his own representative, R.S. International makes arrangement for it.

After the final selection, all formalities regarding trade tests, medical examination, approval form protector of Immigrants, visas stamping for Saudi Consulate, insurance, air tickets are processed for the selected candidates.